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We provide strategic information and analysis for multiplying churches among all peoples.

The Global Research Department consists of the following sections:

  • Analysis - Analyzes strategic information for communicating mission-critical findings to missions strategists.

  • Field Services and Assessments - Identifies, develops, and communicates approaches that promote evangelism, church growth, and Church Planting Movements within people groups and people groups segments. Leads in field assessments in order to provide objective reports measuring the vitality of overseas work. Communicates lessons learned to other missions strategists.

  • Jenkins Research Library - Provides expertise in research services and assistance for field personnel, IMB staff, trustees, SBC constituents, and the general public as well as country and people-group materials and reference services for missionaries and missionary candidates.

  • International Learning Center Libraries - Provide research services and assistance for field personnel, children of field personnel and IMB staff. An important function of the libraries is to design and conduct age-appropriate research training and library orientations for adults and children.

  • Archives and Records Management - Serves as the corporate memory of the International Mission Board by identifying, organizing and preserving information that reflects the Southern Baptist international missions experience. Makes this information available through appropriate applications and formats to assist in decision making.

  • Research Data and Delivery Services - Gathers strategic information from field personnel, national believers, mission agencies, and researchers. Develops, maintains, and promotes systems for linking mission-critical information. Reports strategic information to internal and external missions strategists.

The heart of the Global Research Department is the provision of accurate, relevant and strategic information for Southern Baptists and other partners around the world. Our stewardship is one of advocacy for the unreached who still remain as such, and our confidence is in a God who will one day gather a vast multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language, which no one can number. It is our prayer that what we provide will contribute to this vision for His glory.

In addition to these sections within Global Research, the Global Research Information Center (GRIC) provides a friendly face for providing timely and appropriate answers to inquiries related to information maintained by our department.

Contacting GRIC is easy. Just email, call, or visit us:

Toll free: 1-866-483-9623
Fax: 1-804-219-1886

Our address:
IMB Global Research Dept.
3806 Monument Ave
Richmond, VA 23230





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A word of caution: Information on this site has been collected from multiple sources and is continuously subject to adjustments and refinements based upon the highly dynamic nature of today’s global environment and the rapid advance of the Gospel in literally every part of the world. This information is shared with others on the condition that the user assumes all risks incident to reliance and has the right to make an independent assessment of its accuracy and reliability. Any questions may be directed to